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“Superwoman - Suzanne Getz! It is my pleasure to be able to provide you with some words regarding my total appreciation of your incredible talents and empowering personal/professional skills.

Sometimes all we can say about someone is summarized in several sentences. I have witnessed Suzanne Getz magically empower her audience with her knowledge. She has sharp delivery, focused format, and measured results. Suzanne has enthusiasm for her role as a trainer, which is also complimented by a keen sense of humor. She commands attention in class and has high expectations for her students. As a coach, Suzanne brings the same qualities to her clients. Her instinct and assessments are right on target. Suzanne is a true coach! Her real estate knowledge combined with her coaching skills has definitely helped me become a more effective businesswoman and have made my job easier, for which I am grateful.”

Sheryle DeGirolamo, CRB
Principal Broker,
Keningston Real Estate (2011 President Elect of the Boston Women’s Council of Realtors)

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…”Suzanne Getz is like no other coach/trainer I have ever encountered. Whether she’s in front of new agents, experienced agents or managers her up to the minute knowledge is delivered in a very clear and thoughtful approach. Suzanne’s diligence to detail is obvious in both the programs and support materials she creates. She has been an important asset to our company. She has brought our company into the 21st. century using webinars and her self-paced on-line training program”.

Carolyn Deal
William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage & Insurance

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“Suzanne doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, she tells you what you need to hear. The rest is up to you. Her management and agent training are driven home clearly with motivation and practicality. Thanks Suzanne, great job.”

Dick Carlson
CEO Carlson Real Estate

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“ I can comfortably say that I’ve been exposed to most of the national and local trainers. However; none and I do mean none compare to the, delivery, passion and results of Suzanne Getz. She lasers to the issues, instantaneously concludes the results and creates, in a timely manner, programs that are specific to the needs of our company, managers and agents. She can take proprietary information and weave it comfortably throughout her programs. I would consider Suzanne a Master at what she does so effortlessly. We are honored to have her and her team as our sole source for training and coaching.”

Bill Gamelli, SVP
Customer Services
William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage & Insurance

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Suzanne possesses strong leadership and team building skills. In my travels I encounter many of her students who continually speak her praises. Managers expound on her ability to assess a situation and virtually instantly develop the resolve on the spot. They applaud her coaching skills and indicate that their self-esteem is raised and their leadership skills enhanced. I have always found Suzanne to be extremely dedicated to her clients and conscientious in her teaching and coaching.

People feel good about what they are doing and themselves when they are around her.”

Kathy Roosa, Owner
Kathy Roosa Real Estate License School

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“Suzanne is one of those rare people who are willing to go the extra mile for others. I had the privilege of having her as my personal coach during my management career and learned so much. She has a way of getting you to identify your goals, helps you define the steps you need to take to reach them and allows you to own your plan while she gently guides you. Keeping you on track and empowering you to live your best life. She is enthusiastic, caring, direct and doesn't let you take the easy way out. She is a great asset to any company. I wish I had met her sooner!

Beckie Hanley, CRS Senior Vice President William Raveis Real Estate

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“Recently, Suzanne was selected by members of the Corporate Coach Clinic, as host coach to facilitate the CCC’s international teleconference monthly forum. The forum invites coaches from all over the world to participate in an hour long opportunity to share experiences, seek advice and maintain long reaching relationships.

Her maverick, no-nonsense, get it done approach to coaching and training, as with everything Suzanne undertakes, is what clearly sets her aside from her peers.”

Louise Germain
Certified Business Coach

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“I chose real estate as my second career after 22 years in corporate marketing. I wanted to be successful, so I trained under Suzanne and did what she told me to do. If you follow her systems, they work! In my first year in real estate, I was Rookie of the Year and made the President’s Club (top 300 agents out of 2500), and in my second year, I made Chairman’s Club (top 200 agents). She has been in the trenches just as you are at that moment, so it makes it more real. She’s smart, knows her business, and is a great motivator, tough but supportive.” …“

Merry Hampton
William Raveis Real Estate

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“What can I say!? The time spent with Suzanne was incredible!
I asked for a “meaty” program that would give my agents a “Jump Start” and that’s what she did. It makes me realize how motivated an agent can be, given a little inspiration from an outside source. The motivation I see in my office is empowering. As I looked around the room during her sessions, I never saw anyone look away distracted; they were all eyes and ears. The information she gave them was to the point. I know how challenging it must be for her to come into an office with so many diverse personalities and pull off what she did!!!

Personally, Suzanne has taken on a greater task than the agents. ME! I was disorganized, floundering and stressed. She helped me turn it all around. Her assessment of the issues and what I needed to do to change things was right on target. Suzanne is a taskmaster with a passionate heart. She knows how to get a group of diverse personalities re-focused, working as a team and into production without skipping a beat. You are a rare find. Thanks Suzanne.”

Priscilla L. Fitzgerald-Missick, Principal Broker
Fitzgerald & Associates (Former President - Eastern Middlesex Association of Realtors)

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I found Suzanne to be easy to work with, extremely detail oriented and very well organized. She was able to forecast her schedule for an entire year at a time, developed very creative programs and never missed a deadline. Of all the trainers I have supported, I could always count on Suzanne to be the person to deliver what was required, when it was required and provide all the supporting documents in a complete and organized fashion. Also very important was her disposition. She sets high standards for herself and those around her but at the same time, is one of the most appreciative people I’ve ever worked for. She was always pleasant, never demanding and also very self-sufficient.

Her contribution to the Training Department was invaluable to the team. Her real estate experience was constantly evident in her recommendations on ways in which we could improve our programs and develop timely new programs and content that addressed the changing conditions of the marketplace. Her “out of the box” approach, knowledge and talents proved invaluable to many of our managers throughout the region as she was called on to provide one-on-one coaching to them to help improve their office profitability and production and also to many of the top producing agents.

While in my present position as manager of the DeWolfe Recruiting Center, I asked Suzanne to assist me in developing the concept and implementation of the program and to develop a manager’s training program. Her input was invaluable. In addition, she did an excellent job in “training the trainer” which helped prepare me for delivering the technical portion of the class while she delivered the techniques and strategies portion of the class.

Suzanne also developed the concept, wrote the program and facilitated the program for our managers on how to use coaching as a leadership tool with their agents. The programs were overwhelmingly received and took our management team to another level.

Her training style is very upbeat, energizing, thought provoking and definitely interactive. Her content is always non-traditional as she dares to take risks. She has always received high ratings and rave reviews on post-class evaluations.

She has truly made a difference at DeWolfe.

Leslie K. Toyooka
Manager of Real Estate Special Projects
The DeWolfe Companies

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“The woman walks on water. What more do you need to know?

 I have participated in training and motivation seminars with leaders from The National Training Labs (NTL), Outward Bound, Fortune 1000 corporate consultants, and top Ivy League business professors for training in delivering quality service, total quality management, negotiating and employee motivation techniques.  It is my professional opinion that Ms. Suzanne Getz exceeds the abilities of each and every trainer I have ever worked with.  Simply put, the firm with her on its side will be the winning firm, as aptly demonstrated with her success with The DeWolfe Companies.” 

Ms. Meredith B. Otten
Real Estate Consultant & Customer Service Professional 
The Dewolfe Companies

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“Suzanne Bravo! I’ve received nothing but high praise for your motivational, matter of fact approach and informative program. It made our membership meeting a great success. I look forward to your return.”

Carol Shapiro, Executive Officer
Eastern Middlesex Board of Realtors

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“I found Suzanne to be a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and an effective trainer. She possesses the skills that allow her to transfer her knowledge of the real estate industry to her students, which enables us to effectively go forward in the world of real estate. Way to go Suzanne!”

Lauretta Raffi, Top Producer
Century 21 Boardwalk

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“Tim is a creative, energetic missionary for moving sometimes reluctant real estate professionals into the 21st century. His forward thinking has helped us stay current with modern, and even cutting edge, business and communication systems.”

Dave Hennessey, Manager
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

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“I have known Tim for many years and have found him to be a superior trainer, coach and innovator. He has brought so many agents up to today's Internet, social media and digital standards, thereby enhancing their levels of service to their clients and customers and assuring them success in a challenging and competitive marketplace. I highly recommend Tim.”

Jay Burnham, VP
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

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Tim is a dedicated professional with a comprehensive understanding of how technology can be leveraged to meet business requirements. Tim is a top notch communicator and able to get his views recognized at all levels of the organization. Tim was never afraid to get into the details. I could always count on him to provide business requirements for technical projects that were well thought out and documented in exceptional detail. He was always quick to comprehend complex technical issues and knew how to work around any constraints to support the business strategy. Tim was a great partner in all our engagements and a critical component to the success of projects we worked on together. I happily recommend Tim and I am grateful for his partnership representing the residential real estate business on technical projects at CBRB New England.

Jack Paradis, Project Manager

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I have worked directly and indirectly with Tim for over 10 years. Tim is the go to guy when needed in management and/or technology. He is outstanding at setting up processes and delivering the information to end users. Tim is a pleasure to work with.

Michelle Mace, Regional Lead Office Administrator
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

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I've worked with Tim since about 2001 and have come to know him as a professional business person who keeps up with technology, handles high visibility projects with ease, gets into very nitty-gritty details with vigor but reports results in a way his audience can understand and does all this with a keen sense of humor. He never loses site of a business objective nor does he forget there is a human side to things. Usually neither of those escape his wit.

Court Dwyer, Technical Training Faculty
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

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I worked with Tim for several years, as we were both employed for DeWolfe and then Coldwell Banker. I strongly recommend him as a go to guy in the organization. While his technical skills are impeccable, Tim is also fun to be around. In the ever changing environment of technology in the real estate world, tension can build, but Tim always knew how to keep the team on task. With his take-charge attitude, inclusive approach and strong grasp of industry concepts, Tim is an assett to his organization. I am confident Tim will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Daniel Corthell, Marketing Manager
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

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Tim is a first rate colleague and a great asset to our company. I know I can always count on Tim to respond in a timely fashion and follow through on the technical issues we rely on Tim for. Tim is s great listener and is always open to new ideas. I have enjoyed working with Tim on both a personal and professional level.

Michael Scanlon, Principal Broker
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

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Change is inevitable. Some fight it. Some courageously anticipate it & innovate with anticipation of the future improvements to features and benefits for those they service and support. However, ideas alone are not enough. It takes a very talented individual to create the ideas, identify and effectively communicate the features & sell the benefits so as to engage a collective acceptance. I can be sure that Timothy Lamont, VP, of Business & Technical Development will continue to be an extremely valuable resource to the success of this company or any other company fortunate enough to engage his services.

Sheryle DeGirolamo, Owner
Kensington Real Estate Brokerage

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Tim is a great asset to the company. His background of previously being a branch manager is fantastic when looking at tools for the branch offices.

Bill Dermody, Senior Vice President
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

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I had the pleasure of working with Tim on several projects at Coldwell Banker. He is an excellent communicator and results orientated. He is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Tim always met established deadlines.

Brent Butler, Associate Regional Counsel
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

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When I think of the overall functions of a business, informational and technical department, I think of the roles of service, expertise that requires constant education, and flexibility in which this job mandates. As Director of such a department Tim not only meets but exceeds anyone's expectations.
Having worked directly with Tim on several projects I can safely say that his job is challenging in nature due in part because of the ever-changing industry he is in. However, his eloquence and manner in handling issues and needs that arise, many times suddenly, are a study for anyone wishing to take on similar responsibilities.
I have no hesitation in recommending Tim in any endeavor he deems worthwhile and beneficial.

Matthew S. Gosselin, Author
"My Blue Goose, Exploiting the Wow Factor in Real Estate Marketing"

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Tim is a person whom I have had the pleasure to work with for quite some years now. Tim is professional, extremely knowledgeable in his area of expertise, a true team player, a manager others should strive to become and a friend. I am proud to recommend Tim for each and every endeavor that comes his way.

Richard Mankiewicz, Director of Visual Imaging/Marketing

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