Training Topics

Our approach to training is based first on assisting you in identifying your needs, wants, and expectations and
then creating programs that achieve your company’s goals.

Our training programs accommodate all levels of agent and manager knowledge and experience.

  • All programs are adapted to the market challenges for your area.
  • We will integrate your company’s proprietary information into our programs (with 100% confidentiality).
  • We will help your managers and agents better understand how to use your company’s tools and systems more effectively and efficiently.
  • The majority of our programs are self-paced and allow online access.
  • Programs created with your company’s proprietary information can be uploaded to your website or we can host them for you.
  • We will provide webinars and/or classroom training, as desired.

The Manager Series

Recruiting” – When it’s time to recruit, are you still dialing the phone with sweaty palms…hoping the recruit’s voicemail picks up? Stop! ATrack Coaching has come to your rescue. Learn a new approach to the Recruiting Game. Experience how it feels to turn “Oh, I don’t like this part of my job” into, “Now this makes sense!”

Retention” – When the agent’s desk has been emptied and they’re handing you their keys to the office, (sometimes), that’s not the time to think about retention. Recruiting is only one aspect of a successful real estate company. There is no gain if you can’t keep them. Learn how to manage your team, lead your team, and achieve your goals.

The Agent Series

Experience has given us the opportunity to recognize that the average real estate agent doesn’t approach their business from the mindset of an entrepreneur building a profit center.

We offer agent training that covers the following “4” critical areas for success:

Real Estate Business Development

Leveraging your Time, Money and Effort” – The Business Action Plan

2. Working with Sellers

Score the Listings – Own the Market” – Converting Appointments into Contracts

3. Working with Buyers

The Process and the 5 Phases of Buying a Home” – Getting to the Offer Faster

4. The Negotiating Process

Staying Focused on the Goal” – Close, close, close!

The Technology Series

Are you benefiting 100% from your website, or is your site just a marketing expense? What statistical information are you gathering from your website? How are you tracking it over time? What is your ROI? Is your site ready to capture "consumers" and turn them into "clients?"

Website Assessment

We will evaluate the look, feel, content, and functionality of your web site from the consumers' point of view. We will test your site's capacity to capture consumers and examine your in-house process for conversion. We will show you what information is most meaningful to your business, how to interpret it, and look at what you can do to improve them.

Internet Assessment

Do you have a blog just because someone said you should? Do you have an account on Twitter but dont even remember your password? Do you have a profile on LinkedIn? We will examine all aspects of your Internet presence - or help you establish one - and show you how the secrets of Social Networking can be put to use to your business properly.

Internet Marketing

It’s not just sending e-mails. It's not just throwing banner ads up. It's not just paying for placement in search engine results. We will discuss your goals, your resources, and your budget and create a plan to generate that "buzz" that gets people talking.

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